Tips in using treadmill

Running is the most common variety of sports, the most popular sport, due to climate, environment, space and other objective factors, many people choose to use the treadmill fitness market is now more popular is the treadmill, It is characterized by people driven by motor drive running at different speed passive running or walking, some treadmill comes with heart rate and energy consumption test, get different ages like.


First, use the treadmill to note:

1. warm-up before running to prepare, can be used for a number of stretching, jumping, leg pressing and other physical activity, proper drink warm water;

2. speed should not be excessive; not carried out immediately after dinner;

3. on the machine, should be gradual exercise, adhere to and maintain a relaxed mood, breathing smoothly, arms swinging force, according to their intended purpose or age to grasp the speed and movement time. Walking exercise, using the general rate of 2 to 3 km / h, other conditions can be appropriately adjusted.

4. stop exercising, the appropriate activities of some stretch.

Second, run the following to introduce several methods:

1. run slow relaxation: general feel comfortable jogging comfortable, no fatigue, breathing naturally, a little asthma. General practice 2-3 times per week, each practice about 20 minutes. Adhere to regular exercise, obviously on the respiratory health effects.

2. the throttle step: is some will power, heart rate control in the 140 ~ 150 times / min way around. This is more popular, moderate-intensity fitness method, the method for enhancing cardiac function, visceral balance significantly. But exercise should be noted that good preparatory activities, relaxation activities, if you feel significant fatigue, we should stop running, do some relaxation exercises. Exercise 1 or 2 times per week.

3. fast running method: faster speed, exercise heart rate is generally the highest level in the body, 170 ~ 180 times / min. This method of exercise is running large, short duration, usually a few seconds, but you can repeat the exercise. Exercise 1 to 2 times per week on it, each repeated 3-6 times.

Exercise should be gradual, good preparatory activities and relaxation activities in order to prevent fatigue. This method to improve the human anaerobic endurance, muscle function, and cardiac function to a certain extent. However, visceral chronic diseases, cardiovascular, liver and other diseases is best not to practice, to prevent serious illness occurs.…