Treadmill Maintenance

Treadmill exercise equipment, as important as the family, in order to function long run to use, each use is smooth, we need regular maintenance treadmill, treadmill time to be able to meet your fitness needs.

1. Regular cleaning fitness equipment body, and the dust beneath the fuselage. Proposed to use a soft cloth lightly paint on cotton swab. Do not use acidic cleaners.

2. Check running belt and running regularly between the plates is a foreign body; such as chewing gum, small biology. If the foreign body was found, it should be immediately removed.


Recommended treadmill below, covered with mats for their sporting; one can eliminate the noise when running, protect the floor, on the other hand can prevent dust and foreign objects into the electrical box or between the running belt and running boards.

3. Run regular checks with the elastic, and whether the phenomenon of deviation.

4. Step machine running electrical periodic inspection of emergency braking function, to ensure the safe and effective.

5. Regular treadmill running with and running between the board, apply silicone oil; to ensure smooth operation run with.…