How to choose household treadmill

■ Starting from the brand

Overall, the domestic production of all fitness equipment and other products in performance has already reached the international level, sophistication and humanity in the design has also been greatly improved.

And local brand name products for people with physical structural features, price range, consistent with Chinese aesthetic advantages, and the existence of foreign brand products are often more expensive, after-sales service would be limited in such disadvantages. Therefore, the recommendation for consumers to choose domestic brands have a good reputation.

■ focus on safety

Purchasing power running and physical exercise to exercise is carried out through the device in order to obtain the enjoyment of movement, access to good health. However, if the device has a design hidden dangers are likely to be counterproductive.

household treadmill

Therefore, we must pay particular attention to product safety protection measures are in place. Electric treadmill security include the following:

1. Emergency stop pull off protection. Refers to the movement on a treadmill movement suddenly felt unwell so could not keep up with the treadmill running speed, can pull off switch to stop machine operation protection.

2. Over-current voltage protection. Mainly refers to the network voltage is too high or machine failure caused by internal over-voltage line current, which may lead to sudden fast running machines, to bring personal injury protection.

3. Insulation. Electric Running Machine Product yes one kind of power products, both 220V AC power supply voltage, the human body is directly touch the unit, therefore, the machine must be good for insulation Xingneng Juyou to Shiyundongzhe Bukuai measures by the electric shock risk of Bao Xian.

4. Lockout protection. Mainly aimed at organizations with folding treadmill, after the collapse should be self-locking or a locking device, should not there have no intention to touch the hurt caused by tipping the machine or machine damage protection.

Of course, each manufacturer will have some of the different security measures. However, over nothing more than the most important aspects. Please note that consumers in the purchase of these conservation measures and experimental inquiry.

■ Home Select

Home Treadmill, general power of 500W to 1500W in between, the requirement is not very strong continuous operation, the load capacity is generally less than 120KG. General folding, small footprint, the price difference compared with larger commercial treadmill. Commercial electric treadmill up to ten million price was higher, were also nearly 10,000 yuan low.

The home treadmill price generally between 2000 to 6000 yuan. Consumers can use the different nature and within their means to carry out purchase.

■ Additional features

Treadmill running and other products based on the default implicit function often add a number of supporting functions, such as increasing exercise intensity in order to improve treadmill down function; for the convenience of direct action to increase the speed of the program direct function; For those who enjoy sports high-quality negative ion generator air increased functionality; other functions such as wriggled devices, stepper, massage machine, dumbbells, LCD TV, VCD, folding and so on.

All in all, these features set primarily based on two aspects of roles: one is more convenient for users to enjoy high-quality operation and movement; the other is for users to more fully exercise all parts of the whole body, to expand users exercise more space. Consumers can be targeted according to their own situation to choose.…