Aerobic equipment treadmill

When you walk into a gym or a fitness plan to buy time, you will find a modern fitness looks very complicated, the control panel buttons and sometimes also more than the car, the display will flash a different number or picture, in fact, these things are not difficult to grasp, as long as there were people who would use a little hint, you can use freely, and that these devices also can design different fitness program, you can tell how far you go, sports a long time, consume much energy and so on.

These can help you better reach your fitness results, if you go to the gym or to buy a fitness device, we might all have to try and find some for you, often the change can make all your fitness fun and a low chance of injury, no one is the best fitness, the key is whether you can use them long-term adherence.

Let’s introduce some common aerobic fitness, including their proper use and precautions in using these devices to keep fit, the best matched with water bottles and towels in order to replenish water and wipe.


You can use the treadmill for walking and running, you consume energy in the above and you are outside doing almost the same movement, the speed can be very slow until you have to dash to catch up times.

Running a good design takes into account the walking or running on the joint impact of foot platform so you would be more flexible, you play a protective effect, than not work outside of the concrete floor or running over the safety of the basic almost all the running can be upward, imitating the movement uphill, and some even downward-sloping, imitation downhill.

When you first use the treadmill a few times when there may be not used, because normal walking and running is different is that you do not move here, but keep your feet on the ground in the back to go, but just Some people ran down the platform will feel strange fitness, or even dizzy, because your body has not fully adjusted, always use the treadmill you will more easily adapt after
Using the treadmill Note:

1. Note that the body’s posture as in the previous chapter, the walking and running the correct position, the run stage is equally important to these positions, while Do not force to seize the pole, which is used to help you maintain a balance, rather than left force used, in addition to the beginning and end of time, when in the gym treadmill is best not to force grip the bar, if you need it to maintain a balance, then gently hand or fingers should be placed on the bar above rather than exhaustion of nursing effort, if you only keep pace with the times only handle rod, then you too quickly, often caused by tight grip bar you arched back and shoulder collapsed, so that will definitely hinder you to show to others your beautiful body.

2. Just beginning to slow, then gradually increase the speed, so that you fly back from the treadmill.

3. Eyes look to the future, your eyes and head when you walk the direction the direction of the guide pin with the first direction will be, so you do not look forward to the ramp, not to look back, if your friend is standing beside treadmill talking to you, ask him to stand in the front, as far as possible in front of you, when others tell you do not look back, I have seen in the fitness club nearly so many people out of danger.…